About Zola

Timeless. Sustainable. Inspirational.

At Zola we provide a new shopping experience focusing on where the clothes you wear are made. We curate and handpick aesthetic fashion from local brands to make you discover the gems of the industry all in one shop


Handpicked Fashion

We carefully select specific garments from curated brands to create and present you a unify portfolio. due to this, our selection process take tremendous part of our time as company. You will find that Zola gravitates towards Mediterranean style in the warm months and to Nordic style when it is time to protect ourselves from the cold.  


We predict a future where sustainability will not be an added value and it will be already integrated in every purchase we make, including brands consumers and manufactures. We are aware that this is a long term change that will be acquired with the time and effort. Therefore, we have special sympathy for sustainable clothes to accelerate that process transformation


Brand selection process 

To be part of the Zola family, we all need to share similar values. Before featuring a brand in our portfolio, we make sure our values are met.  

We also pay special attention to the quality of our products. We sell products that last over time and help to minimize fast fashion. 


Made in

The integration of our goals and values into one single expression. By presenting Made in we want to support not only local brands but entire communities. Keeping the production chain local has a positive impact on the environment, limiting the carbon footprint linked to transportations. As the brands in our portfolio most often do not produce in large scale, they provide a sense of exclusivity. 

We are used to shop by color, price, material and other categories but have you seen any other market place where you can search by countries or location?